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Java Games for Mobiles / Re: Hungry Shark (289.8750 KB)
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Microsoft has made an announcement regarding 4K remaster of Age of Empires game at E3 which is happy news for the fans of classic real time strategy (RTS) games. The title given to this new version of the game is “Age of Empires: Definitive Edition”.

This game was behind creating the whole generation of strategy game fans while millions have played this genre-defining game so far.

There is addition of new quality of life gameplay changes along with graphical improvement in this definitive edition of the game, according to Microsoft.

As compared to the old pixilated version, the new version is quite different. The Definite Edition contains higher resolution textures. Instead of small units of fighters, now you can view the whole battleground due to improvement in zoom level which provides help to track complete picture of the battle.

Xbox Live multiplayer support is also included in the latest version while a new campaign is also added which is important for casual players but experienced players will not give important to this addition.
These are the gameplay changes mentioned by Microsoft so far while the company is also silent about the release date of this new version but you can play the game in beta if you want to try the Definitive Edition. At Gamescom, Germany in August, Microsoft will announce further details about the new game.
Latest Jobs / Re: Professors and Associate Professors job Opportunity in UET 2013
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Universities / Colleges Entry test / trendy
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A well established Steel Manufacturing Group engaged in the business of manufacturing world class steel products for the last five decades is once again in an exciting phase of expansion with its new and upcoming state of the art manufacturing plants. Posts are available on Manager Internal Audit, Team Lead Audit and Audit Executive / Officers thanks for sharing
nice sharing lovely Hello sir, mai BA k full exams dena chahta hun isi saal mei and this will be my first time. Kindly mujhe suggest karain k is saal kya mai full BA k paper de sakta hun,  because I have to do it this year no matter what..
The candidates are invited to submit their application forms for Fully funded Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation Leadership scholarship program to United States of America. The Summer School USA is the great opportunity for the students and they need to visit USA. The candidates, who are undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates with any academic discipline, are allowed to apply for Hansen Summer Institute, School of Leadership and International Cooperation.
The Institute offers the University based leadership experience and programs in the international cooperation. The Hansen Summer Institute was established in 2007 and it is running in San Diego, California. The candidates can read about the description and details about Hansen Summer Institutes, which are given below.
I have attached my previous application forms for Hansen Summer Institute 2016 and Recommendation Letters. So you can take an idea.
Download My previous Hansen Summer Institute Application
Here You Can see Recommendation Letter Samples How to write a letter of Recommendation | A Complete Guide
Duration: 6 Weeks
Location: San Diego, California
Program Dates: Program will Start in July 2019
Cost: Fully Funded
Summer School in USA for International Students is great opportunity for the candidates so that they can fulfill their dreams.
The primary goal of program is to focus on creating international community of young students, who will use their skills and summer experience to create lifelong friendships & gain common practical understanding of peaceful future.
Program elements will be added with classroom instruction and hands-on training in conflict resolution, mediation and intercultural management new techniques.
The candidates will get the enjoyment of Exposure & Trips San Diego historical attractions & cultural events like 4th July Independence Day parade, a Padres baseball game and a harbor cruise.
Hansen Summer Institute training has the purpose to provide participants a “leadership toolbox” to resolve conflict and building the better future for their respective countries.
2019 The Hansen Summer Institute funded by generous grant from Fred J. Hansen Foundation, which Focuses on Leadership and International Cooperation. The Institute provides unique University-based leadership experience and programs in international cooperation.
The participants will get following benefits from Hansen Summer Institute.
Round trip international air travel from hometown of the participant to Summer School in San Diego, California.
DS-2019 – Student and Exchange Visitor (SEVIS) fee.
Health insurance for duration of the program.
Accommodation & Meals for the duration of the program with sharing of rooms with same gender participants.
Transportation to/from campus to all meetings and activities.
Program materials.
Certificate of Participation.
Exposure & Trips San Diego historical attractions & cultural events including 4th July Independence Day parade, a Padres baseball game and harbor cruise Trips
More Benefits also included.
Bachelor Students must have completed their 2 years of college/university or graduate student, who has deep professional interest in international relations, diplomacy, international economic development or related fields.
The ages of the students must be between 20- 25 on July 1, 2018.
The candidates must demonstrate leadership potential outside classroom in the community, nation or region.
The candidates have academic adviser (Recommendation Letter) to verify in writing the English proficiency of the candidates. (Verification request is sent to your referee with request for your letter of reference.) No IELTS, GRE or TOEFL Nothing Required
Have a valid international passport. (You can apply for passport if you Do not have now.)
The reference may be provided to students, who did not visit to USA before. All qualified students are encouraged to apply. Do you want to visit South Korea free of cost?
The selection committee will start the review of the international student application during February and the results of the selection committee will be intimated to the students through email in Mid March.
You must read question & answers here at FAQs.
The candidates will submit the application forms till the last date for 2019 Hansen Summer Institute for International Students on 07 January 2019.
Note: The candidates can submit their application forms at any time and do not hurry. They need to complete the applications slowly with appropriate answers.
The application form is provided online. You need to create the new account and sign in. then you should complete the application form fully, slowly and carefully. Once you submit the application forms, you cannot edit your application forms again
Hansen Summer Institutes Online Application Form
The Hansen Summer Institute of Leadership and International Cooperation is located on University of San Diego campus in School of Leadership and Education Sciences.
Address: 5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110-2492
Phone: 619-260-7546
Fax: 619-849-8195
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